June 28, 2008

Nike Hyperdunk Posters & New TV Ad!!!

Ummm... ya think maybe Nike's marketing to us? lol

I guess the Swoosh Crew thought Kobe hurdling Aston Martins and a pool of black mambas on the way to the rim wasn't enough to get me to take off running over to Foot Locker... so maybe this'll do the trick. Well, I may do away with my Bobos yet!

Nike needs some eye-poppers to boost promotion of what they claim is their "lightest and strongest basketball shoe ever." It ain't exactly a coincidence that they're pushing this shorts-munching angle in time for the Olympics, where a particular dunk like these instantly turned Vince Carter's Nike Shox sneakers from a oddity ("Boing!") to a staple on the sneaker shelves.

Kobe's been an OK seller for NBA jerseys, particularly if he changes uni numbers every couple o' years, but his annual sneaker sales revenue is still just slightly above that of Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje's. These side spreads (it's not HIM in them, but Dwight Howard knows it darn well could be) together with the viral vids makes the Hyperdunk Kobe's best shot at MJ-level sneaker stardom.

The ad campaign is by Portland-based Wieden+Kennedy Studio, the folks that sat around back in the eighties and came up with the eloquent catchphrase "JUST DO IT." The new tagline for Nike Basketball oughta be, "JUST DO IT IN SOME FOOL'S MUG."

Got Dunked On? Like the somehow willing yet still unfortunate souls above? No problemo! Simply dial (877) DUNKD-ON and you'll reach Nike's "Hyperdunk Recovery Center" in New York City The "center" treats "The Emotional and Social Effects of Hyperdunks." You think I'm joking, huh? Call the number, it's a riot!

TV Commercials should be coming soon. Practice take for the TV ad on YouTube:

UPDATE: The Hyperdunk Recovery Center is now open for bizness, ready to attend to all your whack-game needs! Their new ad is wayyyy too funny! As is their new website! Way to go Nike!


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