August 24, 2010

Celebrity Posters IV: NFL WRs Getting Dunked On

"It Ain't Safe No More..."
~Busta R.

Yeah, we get it. T.O. thinks knows he's nice...

But the man who famously declared "I Love Me Some Me!" surely was hating him some he last month as a former Idaho State Bengal (Antoine "Miles High" Millien, now a "former" Globetrotter?) caught the newest Cincinnati Bengal gloating beneath the hoop at Rucker. Just seconds after catching his oop... oops!

Now... must Chad's running mate change his last name to Terrell OuchoIStinko?

Not necessarily. Fortunately, the man with ten more washboard abs than Super Bowl titles is not even the first NFL player smashed on in the last year... not even the first wide receiver. As we approach Kickoff 2K10, here are a couple more players getting unwittingly flagged for Poster Interference.

Here's Philly receiver Jeremy Maclin catching a Second-Down-And-1 during the Eagles' offseason exhibition in May. Sorta alligator-armed it, though, once he figured he was gettin' got. Even up in Pottstown, it's best not to get caught going over the middle:

And for a Third-Down-And-1, here's T.O.'s former running partner Roy Williams illustrating what happens when the back of your head, not toe, meets leather. The shutdown corner in this one was former Texas-Arlington point guard Marquez Haynes.


What? What?