January 9, 2010

Celebrity Posters III: "The Game" DUNKED ON in ABA

Alton "Sonny" Smith III might want to be really careful about who he's running with, or at least against. The 6'-4" Phoenix native, former Concordia University-Irvine hooper and Odessa Roughnecks Arena Leaguer is featured on a YouTube vid showcasing his boosties in practice, and the video header notes, "Sonny beat Gilbert Arenas at the Nike Real Run in Triple OT." We hope he's not shaking Agent Zero down for any wager money from that contest, since as we know Gil's recently become a world-reknowned "shooting guard" for all the wrong reasons.

Sonny's getting mad bounce while ballin' with the San Diego Surf in the ABA minor league, and now he's really pushing his luck. The Surf's January 5 contest pitted them against the Los Angeles Slam, featuring former streetball star Larry Williams, aka "The Bone Collector." The Bone Collector's services might literally be needed though, after Sonny flew to the rim to challenge the Slam's captain and leading scorer, Jayceon Taylor. You know him as former Billboard Rap Artist of the Year and perennial beef-maker "The Game."

The 6'5" straight-outta-Compton forward and former G-Unit superstar is back on the scene next month with a new LP, "The R.E.D. Album," and can use all the pub he can get. Of course, we here at Nasteedunx are happy to help... in our own special way.

If you're wise, The Game is not exactly the celebrity you'd want to try and show up on the blacktop or the hardwood. He's just a couple years removed from a two-month jail stint for punching a guy and meeting him in the parking lot with a pistol from his Escalade -- after a trash-talking pickup game at a Compton high school. For Sonny's sake, hopefully The Game's probation officer bought a ticket.

The Game's not rocking the mic in this gym, so little chance BET or MTV is hanging around, and an otherwise trivial hoop contest probably means ESPN is not there with cameras in hand. But thankfully for us, you can always count on TMZ to be there! The Game dropped 19 points on the Surf before getting T'd up and booted... but not before ol' Sonny dropped THIS on him. BANG!

Hate It Or Love It, Game. The Underdog's On Top!


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