September 13, 2008

Happy Trails! Pat Garrity

There are two guys in particular who the Sixers' Samuel Dalembert will be happy to know have elected to depart from The League this off-season. One is to be featured in our next Crammed-On Chronicle archive from 2007, as he heads back overseas (to Moscow) to get some of that strong Euro cash.

The other is the Orlando Magic's Pat Garrity, who sat in quite a catbird seat as the treasurer for the NBA Players' Union. He retired from the NBA this week, to the amazement of many teammates who thought he stopped playing quality basketball long ago. In The League for ten uneventful seasons, including nine with the Magic, Garrity's legacy on YouTube consists of a single 30-second dunk mixtape... basically three replays of the same jam, but a good one from 2006. Opening himself up on the weakside after making a screen for the double-teamed Steve Francis, he barrels into the lane and knocks Sammy to the floor, folding him up like some cheap patio furniture as he windmills in a right-hander. Garrity's dunk elicited gasps from fans and teammates alike and was the "WTF moment" of the season. Outside of the 53 starts at small forward he had for the injury-riddled Magic in 2003, the dunk had to be the WTF moment of his career as well.


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