August 5, 2008

Team USA: Now THAT'S the Olympic Spirit!

Ah yes, the Olympics are here! It’s that time every four years when people set aside their antagonisms, resentments, aggravations, and embrace the spirit of international camaraderie, friendship, mutual understanding, respect, diplomacy, courtesy, fair play, and... ummm…

Oh, to heck with all that crap. Time for The Dream Team to open up a can on some third world nation! Look out, Angola, Team USA is back… and this time, they’re p*ssed off!
We all know about THE greatest play in Team USA hoops history. If you've gotten this far, it needs NO introduction…
But what are some of the other great bang-ons in international comp? We’ll post a few here at Nasteedunx, but find some more links and we’ll add ‘em here. Doesn’t have to be Olympic games, but it oughta be FIBA, Pan-Asian, Goodwill Games, or any other tourney where one nation gets to lay the proverbial smackdown on another.

First here’s a photo gallery of slams where Team USA members got to experience the Thrill of Victory… and where opponents endured the Agony of De-Feet in De-Face…

And here’s a sample of international-style gold-medal throwdowns caught on tape the past few years. Somebody call the Red Cross!

Andres Nocioni (Argentina) on KG and Duncan (USA) (FIBA 2002)
(SLAM Magazine: “En su cara!”)

Anderson Varejao (Brazil) ON Jermaine O’Neal (USA) (FIBA 2003)

D-Wade (USA) ON Primo Brezec (Slovenia) (Athens 2004)

Sean Marks (New Zealand) on Yao Ming (China) (Athens 2004)

Melo (USA) on Argentina (FIBA 2006)


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