January 27, 2009

Zo-YO! The BEST of Alonzo Mourning

It won't surprise you to know there's a Nasteedunx blog in the works cataloguing the very WORST of Alonzo Mourning ("Zo-NO!").  It might blow my blogspace capacity completely.  But you know,  the inevitable has happened, and the brutha's retiring on us (sniff).  This brave shot-blocker continuously came back to the floor, from life-threatening surgeries and nagging injuries in the 2005-2006 NBA season to offer for our collective amusement what was, without question, the single greatest season of a single player getting spectacularly smashed on over-and-over-and-over

The least we can do here at Nasteedunx is offer our praise, well wishes, and a look back to the prime-time plays from Zo's prime, when he proved capable on banging on scrubs and All-Stars alike.

We present Alonzo Mourning: Dunking ON People.  For a Change.


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