July 24, 2008

Where Are They Now? Part V (2005, updated 2008)

Victim #5 - Mike Mardesich

Quick, which Terp has been "involved" in more Maryland victories than any other player? Not Lonny Baxter, not Stevie Franchise, not Laron Profit. Try Mike Mardesich! The operative word was "involved," and not "instrumental," as M&M only could muster career highs of 5 points and 4 rebounds -- as a freshman – and generally became successful with his knack of staying the hell out of the way. Well, except this one time...

Serving as a human hurdle, thanks to Damon Thornton, probably derailed illusions of the 6-foot-11 Mardesich making the NBA as a Mark Madsen-type hustler. But he hasn't been starving. Instead he's over in the Netherlands with the "Eiffel Towers" (now renamed the much more fearful "Matrixx Magix") of Nijmegen. The monument-al reference is ironic, since when Damon banged on him it was as if he just felled the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

(2008 Update: No good update for the Croatian Sensation from Long Beach, really. He was spotted during the 2008 Final Four hanging out with former Maryland and current West Virginia assistant Billy Hahn. Perhaps he’s found another line of work. Probably not a bad idea! His last pro-hoop sighting was in 2006 in France, playing a few games with Reims Champagne Basket before falling off the face of the televised earth.)


Facializer #5 - Darryl Dawkins

Ahh, the memories! Remember the "In Your Face Disgrace!" "Sexophonic Turbo Delight!" "Cover Yo Damn Head!" "Spine Chiller Supreme!" "Yo Mama!" And of course, the "If You Ain't Groovin' Best Get Movin'-Chocolate Thunder Flyin'-Robinzine Cryin'-Teeth Shakin'-Glass Breakin'-Rump Roastin'-Bun Toastin'-Glass Still Flyin' Wham-Bam-I-Am Jam!" Jams so nasty and vicious each one got a nickname. "Snap-back" rims were inconceivable before Chocolate Thunder came on the scene. Only thing worse than getting dunked on is getting a glass shower on top of that.

Dawk is a coach now, moving on from the perennial USBL champion Pennsylvania Valley Dawgs to lead the new-look ABA's Newark Express. But I'll bet he could still take his centers on a trip to PlanetLovetron with a simple drop step in the paint.

(2008 Update: Darryl’s put coaching aside for a minute to help out the developers of Atlantic Yards (you know it as the eventual home of the Brooklyn Nets) with some sorely-needed community outreach)

Bonus: Wait, I thought Wheaties was just the Breakfast For CHAMPIONS? Oh, well, I suppose if you count USBL champions, then OK!


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