July 30, 2008

Nike Hyperdunk Ad III: Call a Medic!

Yo, Iyanla Vanzant, seriously... if you're reading this you NEED to get in on this action. A "Starting Over" house for Nike Hyperdunk victims. These poor fools are losing rep and chicks left and right, particularly this mouse-in-the-house, "Todd."

Hey, Ladies!!...

Nike's Hyperdunk Recovery Center is gonna need not only psychological counselors but some chiropractors, masseuses and physical therapists, STAT. Maybe even a CAT-scanner. These busters got neck problems, now head trauma and concussions... My guess is the next entrant will require a spinal realignment after forgetting to box out on some Hyperdunk-clad tip slammer. I just hope these ballers are paid up on their insurance... where's that damm duck ("AFLAC!") when you need him?

As an aside, glad to see the lousy pub the Swoosh Crew is getting up in NYC for the billboards hasn't derailed the commercial campaign. Don't cry for Nike, though. On Madison Ave, they know the only thing better than good press to push a product's recognition is BAD press (ask AND1 what the "trash talk tees" did for their company). Like Black folks with Imus, the ones who insist on some wack boycott never buy the product anyway. Thanks to their efforts, more people know about the Hyperdunk shoes now, without Kobe having to hurdle a pool of buzzsaws.


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