February 26, 2010

You Just Got YouTubed! III: Dunked On in the Snow? That's COLD!

Thanks to a one-two punch of El Nino and global warming (cooling?), a lot of cats are gettin flat-out buried this season, under one blizzard after another. Some of the more landlocked competitors kill time with snowball fights, while others... well, you'll see, in this wintry-mix installment of You Just Got YouTubed!

#1 - Daniel and his Driveway Lobbin' ballers are straight 'beastin' in the snow. Danny Boy, in fact, has gone completely bananas...

#2 - Death by frostbite?

#3 - Frostbite's Revenge

#4 - Caught slippin' under the hoop...

#5 - Madcatcon's lookin like a fool with his sweatpants halfway to the ground (dude, seriously, not a good look!)

#6 - C'mon, Zach, don't just stand there... what a Downer!

#7 - Zach, while you're down there, at least make a snow angel or somethin'!

#8 - Look out Anthony... freeze warning!

#9 - Ridky shows his opponent how it's done. Golden rule of streetball: never guard a man whose mama misspelled his name...


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