March 14, 2010

Please, Ivan Brothers, Don't Hurt 'Em!

Right on time for the Madness of March, a YouTube viral campaign from your friends at CapitalOne.

Because, as you know, there is NO worse indignity worse than getting dunked on so badly your credit score goes down! Toss in a face full of squirrel fur for good measure.

The upshot: a hapless coach from "West Eastern State" (OK, Pacific U. really) heads into the hinterlands and recruits Vikings (no, not Bryant McKinnie... we're talkin' dem ol'-school 8-foot tall Vikings) in a desperate push for relevancy on Selection Sunday. Vikings are exempt from that minimum-900 SAT thing...

After the horned fella yells, "WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET?!?" into his teabagged opponents ear, his teammates have to remind him that basketball shorts don't come with pockets.


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